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Rappelz level 130 quest (Ice Maiden quest)

Ice Maiden / Kainen pet is a non-tameable pet, u can only get this by doing the quest.

your character must be at level 130

Ice Maiden /  Kanen evo3

Start your quest here in Veiled Island.
Get quest from npc Guard Kaydog(The Big Bad Calman quest), located in Veiled island.

The Big Bad Calman quest is to kill Barikan boss 0/1, located SE of Guard Kaydog.

once your done killing barikan, return quest to Guard Kaydog, and get the next quest from commander Alphonse. Commander Alphonse is located at North of npc Guard kaydog.

Pass quest to commander Alphonse and get next quest, next quest is to talk to nakibu which is also in the same area of commander Alphonse, and get the next quest from nakibu (Hungry hungry nakibu), the quest require that u collect fish in frozen kaia lake. Fresh herring 0/15.

After collecting fresh herring, return the quest to npc nakibu and take the next quest (birds of feather), they can be found in the area explorers camp.

Return quest to npc nakibu and take the next quest(Trimming claws), it can be found near explorers camp, kill blue wolf 0/7

Return quest to npc nakibu and take the next quest(Prove yourself), you need to kill Giant yeti 0/10 found in the center of frozen kaia lake

Next quest is Fetch boy, u just need to loot this item, located in Nania Breeding Grownds, check the pic below. This is the last quest of npc nakibu.

Go to back Commander Alphonse, get the quest "Cheif Explorer Kane", check the map below for location where to go, u need to cross the frozen kaia lake and surrender the quest to npc Chief Explorer Kane.

Get next quest(Mining for Information) from npc Explorer Chesha, u just need to collect this Chunk of rocks 0/15, check the pic below for locating the rocks.

npc Explorer Chesha location

chunks of rocks

After your done with the rocks, surrender quest to Explorer Chesha and take the next quest "Warm Blooded.", you need to go back Chief Explorer Kane, see the pic below for the location.

next quest(Cat's Advice) from npc Explorer Chesha, go back to Explorers Camp and give it to npc Nakibu. Again, nakibu will give u quest(Living Minerals), this quest is just to gather strange minerals, check pic below where to find this minerals.

find living minerals inside red mark

nakibu next quest is "The Story of Kaia", nothing to do here, just read read and read... and then take the quest(Love is a Battlefield), u need to kill Shier or Terjahn, check the pic below where to find the boss. Killing these boss drops 2 or more fragments depending on the numbers of players taking the quest, 1 fragment is enough for the whole players taking the quest, not sure if this is a bug or not, remember where the remaining fragments, coz the next quest requires this item also, getting the remaining fragments prevents u from killing another boss.

Shier boss located in red circle

Now take 2nd Kaia's Heart Quest (The Final Piece), just go back where u killed the boss(Shier or Terjahn) and loot the remaining fragments, remember, make sure all player taking the quest must be there also, otherwise they wont get the fragment.

terjahn is located here, incase u need to kill it.

After your done with "The Final Peice" quest, take the next quest(Kill Draka!) check the pic below for the location of Draka.

After Draka quest, Nakibu gives another quest(Might of the Goddess), this will teleport you to the lobby of TOA(Temple of Ancient). Need to kill Betrayal here and you need good R7 players here. betrayal is located at the last left circle, check pic below.

After killing Betrayal, Next, Nakibu gives another quest(Will of the Goddess) and teleports you to the lobby of TOLS(Temple of Lost Soul). Need to kill Ashmaw, the boss is located at the last left circle.

After killing Ashmaw, Nakibu will give another quest(Judgement of the Goddess) and will teleport you to TOE(Temple of Exile), need to kill Sand Lord Kynish, the boss is located at the last left circle. FYI, u really need to have good R7 players here.

After killing Sand Lord, Nakibu will give another quest(Fury of the Goddess) and will teleport you to Snow-Field Basin, go inside the portal, it will bring you to dragons nest, let tanker go inside the portal 1st just incase mobs in the area, onces ur inside need to kill Obsidikar boss.

snow field basin
once u see the dragon bones ur in the right place, the boss will spawn there.

After killing Obsidikar, go back to Nakibu and take the next quest(Breaking the Ice) the quest requires collecting one of the pillars in the Ice lake, need to kill Ice Dragons.

pilar of ice

ice dragon

After killing Ice dragons, Nakibu will give you "Kaia" quest. Go to the center of frozen kaia lake. destroy the tree and kaia will appear.

destroy tree

kaia will appear after u destroy tree

When ur done killing Kaia, return the quest and u'll get a tamed ice maiden/kainen pet.

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